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Seven Best Online Side Hustles for Teachers

How can we make extra money with online side hustles? As teachers, many of us have advanced degrees and a strong passion for helping students. Unfortunately we do not always make as much money as we deserve for all our work. Especially during this time with the unprecedented COVID-19 circumstances, many schools are moving online and may not be hiring as much as expected. This leaves us, as teachers, looking for more ways to remain financially stable and support our families. 

Online learning and making money

Online side hustles can be the best way to make extra money as a teacher. While it is especially important to work online these days, working from home and online will always be a great skill to have for the future. More learning is taking place online now than ever. Don’t let this trend leave you in the dust. With this list I’ll break down easy ways to stay ahead of the trends and make money while doing so.

Why do we need more online side hustles for teachers? 

There are a few reasons why side hustles can be great for teachers. Some of these job ideas can help you not only make extra cash, but also reach more students outside of your classroom. Still more jobs can help increase your professional image and boost your teaching portfolio and resume. 

Best Online Side Hustles for Teachers: 

1. Become an online tutor

With many online tutoring websites available, such as Wyzant and, this is an option that can help you make money on the subjects you are already an expert at. This also means you can reach more students who need help, and get paid fairly to do so, on your own free time. However, the draw back is that many of us do not have much free time available. Still, this option can pay well per hour and it’s always fulfilling to help students succeed.

2. Sell your materials online 

We’ve all been there: needing to come up with new teaching materials throughout the semester. It can be exhausting. However, once we have these materials, including lectures, curriculum and worksheets on hand, we can sell or share them online to other teachers. Many teachers are happy to pay a small fee for professional, easy to use content in order to save time creating it during a busy schedule. 

Simply upload your content to a lesson sharing website like Teachers Pay Teachers, Shamyn or Share My Lesson, and earn passive income on the work you’ve already done! 

3. Create a Youtube Channel

Video lessons are a great tool for many teachers and students. While there are already some great teachers using Youtube and other video sharing sites to make more money and more impact, there is always a need for more. If you are a teacher who has an interesting spin on teaching a subject, or you teach a niche subject, there is extra demand for video content from you! This side hustle can also be a fun way for teachers to practice public speaking and gain a bigger audience. 

4. Write an E-Book

This option might be a bit more time consuming, but a great way to make an impact and extra money. Many teachers have years of experience and teaching skill that is invaluable to others. Your book can be geared toward parents, students, administrators or other teachers.  Write in the comments below: what kind of book would you like to write? And what kind of books do you wish already existed for teachers, parents or students? 

5. Teach Online Courses

Because of websites like skillshare, edX, Udemy and more, this option allows you to set up an online course to teach. While it may take a bit of time investment up front, this can help you earn money quickly. Many of the online courses are set up so that courses can be taken electronically by students who sign up, and each new student is more passive income for you! It can also be a nice professional bonus to have more online teaching experience. 

6. Write Articles 

If you are a teacher that enjoys writing articles and blog posts, there are online publications that pay you to write for them. This can increase your audience and listeners, help you make extra money, and also spread your knowledge and experiences around the world. Some great options include We Are Teachers and their sister site School Leaders Now. Contributing to online publications can also help you connect with other educators. 

7. Give User Feedback

This option is a great win-win for teachers and entrepreneurs. Websites like TinkerEd connect teachers with EdTech startups. Teachers get paid to give their user input. This makes a huge difference to start up companies that are trying to help teachers and students and also will make you money. Your valued input will help shape the next amazing products being used in the classroom as well as help your bank account.

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