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How Will Teacher Salaries be Impacted by COVID-19?

While it’s not news that teacher’s are frequently underpaid for their education and expertise, with the recent events surrounding the unprecedented health crisis, those salaries may be cut even more. News articles are coming out stating that teacher’s salaries could be in even more trouble due to the coronavirus. Job opportunities could also be at risk. Many schools are closing for an interminable amount of time, and some parents are planning on homeschooling instead. What’s going on at your school? How will teacher’s salaries be impacted by coronavirus? Please comment below and join the discussion.

What are the current risks to teacher’s salaries?

As more student’s are learning online and schools are forcing a change to distance learning instead of the traditional classroom, teachers now have to work harder than ever at their jobs to keep up with changing times and help motivate students. Many teachers I follow on Facebook in various teacher groups have reported hiring freezes, pay freezes, pay cuts and more. It is truly sad that while teachers are having to create online materials and navigate technology, they are also having to worry about job stability. This loss of stability could even lead to an education crisis.

Should teachers get paid more or less?

Shockingly, some are arguing that teachers salaries should be frozen as a result of this crisis. While this means that teacher’s will not be able to get paid according to the vast amount of work they put in to their jobs, some parents, administrators and students agree. I myself have seen many students wanting refunds for college tuition because they are forced to take online classes, which are cheaper than in person classes. While I can understand this point of view, it is hard to balance making everyone happy.

Teacher’s gaining recognition during the Coronavirus outbreak

Luckily, many are arguing that teacher’s deserve more respect because of how we are handling this crisis. In fact, it seems as though in spite of dwindling school budgets and tuition, teacher’s are now having to work harder than ever and one can argue that they deserve to get paid accordingly. While it is nice that many teachers around the world are getting recognition for their hard work, it seems that there must be some balance between verbal praise and financial reward. Many educators have student loans to pay off and families to support during this difficult time.

What can teachers do?

There are a few options for teachers during this time. One area that can be of help, is looking at all the free online resources to move your classroom online. Here, I’ve specified some of the best free resources around the web for learning math. Specifically, there are some for precalculus and calculus. These free online tools and materials can help you create an easy to manage online course and interact with your students efficiently.

Another area that can be of help, is looking at side hustles. While many teachers drive for ride sharing companies or delivery services, there are also online side hustles. These online teacher side hustles are great because they can help boost your portfolio, can be done at home in your pajamas, and utilize your knowledge and skills to have a bigger impact on the world. Selling your teaching material online can also be a great way to make money off all the hard work you did putting together material for your students’ distance learning.

What are your thoughts?

Please comment below and let me know what you think! Are there pay cuts or hiring freezes happening at your school? Do you believe teachers should be paid more or less because of what is going on?

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