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How To: Upload a Product on Shamyn

In this post, I go through uploading a product in the marketplace step by step. The whole process is quick and easy, and takes less than 5 minutes! Take your teaching materials you’ve already created and start earning passive income today.

Step one: Register at Shamyn

Before creating a vendor account, first create an account with the website. This will ensure that your vendor account is linked to your profile. Also make sure to read some of the guidelines on what is acceptable before posting to our community!

Step two: Create a vendor account

Now it’s time to get started as a vendor in our marketplace. Read the terms and conditions before signing up. In the menu, hover over the “Sell” button and you will see a drop down menu. Select “Vendor Dashboard.” Here you will see the option to sign up as a Vendor on Shamyn. Check the boxes and complete the sign up.

Select “Vendor Dashboard” in the “Sell” drop down menu.
On the Vendor Dashboard you will see this screen. Here you sign up for a Vendor Account.

Step three: Upload a new product

Now the Vendor Dashboard will look as follows, in the below picture. Click on “Add New Product.” This will take you to the product edit and upload page.

Click on “Add New Product” to upload a product.

Here is an example of a product with information filled out.

Add New Product Page.

A few key things:

  • Make sure to select “Virtual” and “Downloadable” for the type of product.
  • You can set whatever price you want! If you type “0.00” then it will be a free download.
  • Be sure to upload a product image, and add descriptions. But it’s not necessary!
  • You can also include links to your store, your profile and other products in your description. This will help people find you!
  • You can always edit this later from you Vendor Dashboard.

Step four: View your product and share on social media!

Now that you have uploaded your first product, you can go ahead and check it out. Sharing on social media will also help more teachers find it to purchase, download and find out about our community.

The final product!


Uploading your first product to Shamyn is super easy and fast. Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below or feel free to contact us!

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