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How to: Share & sell video lectures on Shamyn

There is an increasing amount of video content being uploaded for teaching mathematics. In fact, it can be hard to sift through the many lectures on websites like Youtube. When you share or sell video lectures on Shamyn, you can make sure your videos reach the right people who are the most interested in such content.

Why use video lectures?

As all experienced teachers know, students have many different ways of learning. The more ways we can teach, the better. Videos are also a great way to teach using distance and e-learning. Students are able to pause videos, re-watch them, and pick up on more detail than in person lectures.

How to sell video lectures

The following steps are summarized from this article.

  1. On the “New Product” or “Edit Product” page from your Vendor Dashboard, select “Virtual.”
  2. Upload your video to Youtube. If you want to make it only available to those who pay, then make sure it is “Unlisted” in the Privacy settings.
  3. On the “New Product” or “Edit Product” page, go to the “Advanced” tab, then the “Purchase Notes.” You can write in these notes the link to your unlisted video. This way, when someone purchases your video, they will receive the link to view it.
  4. If you want to make the video downloadable, you can check “Downloadable” next to “Virtual” in the “New Product” page and link to your video in Dropbox in the downloadable files section.

How to share video lectures for free

To share free videos, simply set the price to $0.00. This is an option for those of you who are wanting to promote your youtube channels or just want to share your videos with more math teachers and homeschoolers like yourself!

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