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How to Make Money Selling Teaching Material on Shamyn

More and more, teachers are selling teaching materials online. This growing trend is due to many factors: slashed education budgets, stagnant wages and the increase of online learning. Some teachers may worry about the future of education due to lack of funding and options to make money as a teacher. However, with online communities like Shamyn, teachers have the opportunity to utilize their expertise to make more money and have their voice heard by other educators and students around the world. 

Why choose Shamyn? 

While there are several websites that encourage sharing of resources, Shamyn is the only one that focuses on a community aspect. This way, you can easily chat with the sellers and buyers of products, and get a feel for what kind of materials are most in demand. You can also join or create groups of like minded educators to collaborate and share with one another. 

Shamyn is also the only lesson sharing website that focuses on upper level mathematics. So, when you choose to become a seller, your audience is made up of fellow educators in your field who are on the hunt for more resources. Because this service is new and growing, you have the exciting opportunity to be one of the first sellers, and make a big impact. There is much less competition than the other lesson sharing websites which can seem cluttered with tons of irrelevant material that users must wade through.

What can you sell in the marketplace? 

Think about all the material you made when you first started teaching, or the innovative lesson ideas you’ve had throughout your career. Many fellow teachers would love to have materials like that in order to help streamline their lesson prep process. It is important though, due to copyright law, that the material you sell is your original work. 

Here are some examples:

  • worksheets
  • lecture notes
  • exams
  • assessments
  • study guides
  • and more!

It is important not to underestimate your creativity and the innovative ways you can help teachers everywhere. If you are not sure if something meets our guidelines, simply contact us and we will work with you to figure it out.

What are the things that you can’t sell? 

As stated previously, copyrighted or plagiarized material cannot be sold in the market place. If you do find any material that you believe infringes on copyright law, it is important to contact us right away. 

Since we are focused on helping educators, please only post educational material and no off-topic or inappropriate content as stated in our terms of use

If you already sell your material on another site, feel free to sell on ours as well. As long as no rules are being broken elsewhere, we highly encourage more sharing and uploading of original educational content. This means more impact and more passive income for you.

What’s your cut? 

Unlike some websites that demand teachers share for free, we give you the choice. You can set your price at $0 to create a free download, or you can make money selling at whatever price you choose. You retain 70% of your profits, while we take the remaining cut to cover business expenses. 

If you come across a better deal on another website, let us know and we will match their commission for you. Our goal is to make the process of empowering teachers as easy and fair as possible. 


Whether you have sold or shared material on other websites, or this is a new venture for you, we highly encourage you to try it out. As a teacher, you vast knowledge and expertise is invaluable in many ways. Many teachers have the opportunity to have a bigger impact, which can help look good for professional portfolios as well as help out with living expenses. It feels good to contribute to the world, especially when you are rewarded for your contributions. 

We aim to make our process as simple as possible, so that you can “set it and forget it,”  although we hope you stick around and check out our community as well. Because this site is so new, you have the unique opportunity to be one of the first and strongest voices to your peers. 

What are your thoughts? Feel free to shoot us an email or comment below! Join our community today to have fun and make money. 

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