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Five Best Online Math Teaching Tools

Why do we need online tools to teach math? 

Even though a lot of learning has been taking place online in recent years, it is more important than ever to have a blended classroom. Especially with our current health crisis, many of us are forced to teach remotely. This can make it difficult to keep students engaged and on task. With free online math teaching tools, we can help solve these problems quickly and create a better experience for our students.

How can teachers, parents and students use these online tools? 

These tools are all designed to help students learn and make teacher’s jobs easier. Since many students are now at home with parents who are working from home, the parents can hopefully check these free products out as well, in order to keep their children on task. Many tools are meant to help supplement lectures and assignments, however others can be integrated into existing classroom structures. 

What free resources are out there? 

There are many other free resources available for math and statistics teachers. For extra learning, math YouTubers can help explain concepts to students and give a different point of view. There are also nice free graphing tools available online. Certain resources are particularly beneficial for precalculus and calculus students. Below are some of the top free online math teaching tools to integrate into your classroom, which can be especially helpful for moving a traditionally taught classroom online. 

Five amazing online tools for math teachers: 

1. Nearpod

This website allows teachers to create interactive and engaging lessons for students. Using Nearpod, there are many free tools available to make online lectures come to life. It is also possible to assign self-paced lessons to students, which can help with the recent shift to online learning for many teachers. There is also a live instruction feature that can synchronize with video conferencing platforms to allow you to reach your students while they must stay at home for social distancing. 

2. Study Forge

Study Forge has comprehensive courses that integrate with learning management systems such as Canvas and Blackboard. Their online courses, including math, contain captivating content, insights and complete curriculum to enhance online teaching. A library of courses are included, all based on effective digital instruction. While licenses must be purchased to use, courses can be previewed for free. 

3. Free Math App

This website, Free Math, contains a tool that allows you to assign homework virtually. You can also grade the problems online, and the app will show you which problems were the hardest for students to complete. The grading portion also allows for you to give students partial credit for problems, which is a rare and valuable feature for an online homework system. This app integrates with Google Classroom, Canvas, Blackboard and more to allow easy grade book updates. 

4. My Open Math

This incredible resource combines a free online math textbook and practice problems with guided solutions. This website can be geared toward self-learners and also be used by teachers for their classroom. This interactive tool can help students learn at their own pace and get more help on the topics they may be stuck at. A lot of value is packed into this free, interactive resource. 

5. Delta Math 

Delta Math is an incredible tool that allows teachers to assign online homework to students for any subjects from middle school to AP Calculus. Both students and teachers can view many examples of their vast amount of problems. This can help students understand the steps involved with solving each problem. Many teachers use this popular option. 

Have you used any of these online tools for math teachers?

Let us know what you think and join the discussion in the forums or comment below! What other tools have you used? Which were the most beneficial? Were there any you tried and didn’t like? 

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